Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Girls Get It: Prom Dresses from Gum Wrappers, Drink Boxes and Trash

In Pittsburgh, PA the recent Geek Art /Green Innovators Festival on April 2, featured fashion attractions of trash. Five students from the Neighborhood Academy created clothing inspired by discards from their cafeteria and even bags from a local store. The Trader Joe's dress above is by "Briana." All this indisposable fashion energy comes from a new wave of stylish young ladies who are happy to help save the environment and have mothers who will be eternally grateful to them. As one spirited young lady said, "First we have to eat the trash; then throw away trash, so now we'll wear the trash."

Also shown: Blue Gum Wrapper gown created by Junior Elizabeth Rasmuson of Ganer, Iowa, who decided to make something for herself and her boyfriend Jordan Weaver. Elizabeth said, "I heard about somebody making a dress out of duct tape or something one time so I just like what's something cool and I've always liked the colors of the "Five" gum."

We think this trumps the duct tape, Elizabeth.

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