Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jiro: The Tire Belt That's Picking Up Speed

Stamped on the inside not as "made" but "RE-made" in Italy, Jiro belts are as eco-friendly as they come! They're constructed of old bicycle tires, and although the tires went through a manufacturing process, the belts are truly one of a kind and can not be reproduced since each piece of rubber maintains its own unique character. The brains behind this concept is a man who prefers to be known simply as "Nero," a graphics designer from Milan, who believes we should "reclaim our primary means of locomotion: the body." And he sees "cycling is our only necessary luxury." Further comments to get Nero to hype his wonderful product went unchallenged, but he did offer that Jiro was only one of his projects. When Seen Green pressed for a reason why he created them, he simply said: "I love my bike."
Cost per Jiro belt is 30 euros or for us and other please-don't-make-me-convert-currency! folks, $45 USD. Shipping is $18. Tell Nero what you're looking for in color and he'll get as close as he can to your request. (Remember the belts are all different) If you buy a bunch (10 or more), Nero makes deals. Interested? Click here.

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