Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Don't MIss The Geotourisum Summit in DC..... If There is Still Room

Phone: 202-828-8044, Email: ...We're giving you the 411 right up front, because you just MIGHT (we said might) be able book passage to the hottest ticket this winter--National Geographic's Geotourism Summit on February 2, 2010! The event actually kicks off on February lst with ambassador training on sustainable tourisum, and the site says has they've added a few more slots. The activities also include a lecture with author James H. Gilmore, conversations with industry experts and U.S. Department of Commerce. There's a side visit to the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibition as well to see those incredible soldiers made 2,00o years ago to guard China's first emperor. To help you field your footing, the Geotourism site lists the closest hotels and a map.
To get there....Click here. To buy the Terra Cotta Warriors book...Click here.

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