Sunday, May 9, 2010

Reynolds Wrap Goes Green

When an product is an American icon, its always good to see progress since its inception which in this case is 1919. But check the history and you will soon discover that the Reynolds company is no stranger to green innovation. It's origins began in the same home town as the "Louisville slugger" baseball bat---Louisville, Kentucky. Then Reynolds went through several corporate acquisitions, make-overs, and headquarter moves, along the way buying another icon, Eskimo Pies and swathing them in foil. But it was in 1947, that the Reynolds Metals Co. used surplus aluminum from World War II to make Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil, creating its most famous product. We don't know if they went to ungreen and back to green, but we suspect that they finally get bragging rights for being on the right track. You can find the new green Reynolds on Facebook, subscribe to their e-news letter, get online coupons, cooking tips and more on their site. So if you're wondering...

From the Reynolds FAQ's:
Is Reynolds Wrap® Foil from 100% Recycled Aluminum safe to use with food? [It is!]

Aluminum foil made from recycled aluminum is as clean and safe to use with food as foil made from new, also referred to as virgin, aluminum. The process of melting down the recycled aluminum requires heating the metal to more than 1200°F, which burns off any debris in the metal. Once it turns into a molten liquid, the aluminum is sent through a filtration process, poured and rolled into thin sheets.

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