Friday, February 25, 2011

The New Way Businesses "Meat" and Greet

After a hiatus from posting at Seen Green for a while, we found out about this little gem which  made us rush back to blab on our blog. We were trying to imagine what would happen if everyone added more meat--literally-- to their  business diet? In a world where lasting impressions are critical, you will be unforgettable if you slap a piece of  piece of beef jerky in the hand of a potential client.

Next time you need to reorder your calling card stock, forget about laser cuts, pop-ups and UV lamination. Meatcards takes 100% beef jerky and  sears it with your logo or message. Meatcards even claims your cards will last through any eco disaster, so it might be best to set a few aside a few of these life sustaining widgets for later!We just hope the people who receive these great cards have a sense of  humor and don't get too salty. Some of the best businesses in town are getting jerky. For more info:

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