Monday, August 24, 2015

Japan's Xylophone of Forest Shows Rolling Stones Gather Sound...not moss

Docomo, a Japanese telecoms giant has created a xylophone in the forest out of small planks that play Bach's Cantata 147 just by placing a hard stone-like ball at the starting point and letting it roll downhill along a series of fir and maple wood pieces grown in Hokkaido, Japan where this nature-ly exhibit is being showcased. A vending machine is near the featured piece, where you can purchase a ball to use as many times as you want; then take it home. Play it only on sunny days, though. On rainy days, the xylophone takes a rest. The cost to get in the gardens is 1,500 JPY and 300 JPY to play. A must see if you're in the Far East. 

"A single wooden ball 
is released from the top 
and rolls down the step-like 
keys and plays Bach's Cantata 147"
--Wired Co UK

CONTACT; Hokkaido Garden Show 2015 Daisetsu Management Committee Office 
Kamikawa-cho Town Office180 Minami-machi, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 078-1753, Japan
TEL. 01658-2-4058

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