Sunday, March 27, 2016

India and USA Cross Spoons Over Edible Market, And India Goes On the "Maker" Defence

Edible Spoons by Jack
Out of India comes one solution to all our eatery needs. They have created spoons that you can use, and then eat! They are made out of kneaded flour, with absolutely no chemicals. Bakey's was established in 2010 by a couple in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh--the Narayanas--to provide an altrenative to to disposable plastic cutlery and bamboo chopsticks. After much research (and tasting), developed the Bakey's spoon, with look and feel of a real utensil. The couple was inspired by the "Make in India"  policies, which challenges its citizens to dream, and invent new products and technology in the hopes of prying poverty's stranglehold on the country. To further their manufacturing efforts on every front, India has also launched  their Defence Expo, 2016. The Prime Minister of the Expo is Manohar Parrikar, who proclaims, "This will show to the world what India can do." The event takes place March 28-31. Because India isn't stopping at spoons.

"India wants to make everything you buy," 
said Gordon Chang of Forbes Magazine

Crossing spoons with India over the edible cutlery market, is the USA who, also boasting an expanding population, which must also cut down on disposable waste. According to US News and World Report, the United States is expected to add one new person every 8 seconds. That makes for the future use of an untold number of disposable plastic spoons going into already bulging landfills. Coming to America's rescue is Edible Spoons by Jack, (Jack Milan) who one year ago won the first "Catered Arts Through Innovative Excellence" given by the International Caterers Association. The trend his company started has since become a mainstay in many catering and restaurant industries. And this sturdy utensil can be just as usable in a typical home dinning senario.  These edible "Asian-style" spoons come in 15 flavors including chocolate, corn lime, gingerbread and parmesan basil. Getting them is easy. Call, 866-382-7837

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