Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Water and Water Don't Mix All Over the World

The Jailing River, China
Just like oil and water, not all water and water, mixes at several points around the world. It seems things like chemical mix, debris, vegetation, and silt make the determination as to whether two bodies of water will blend. But blend or not, they do come together, which is called a "convergence." And this interesting environmental opposition  happens in rivers, in gulfs and even oceans the world over. Take look at some of these almost freakish phenomena, that create stripes of water colors, maybe at a waterway near you! Here, we show global land configurations that looks amazingly like the point in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Note where and how the waters meet. Not quite what you'd expect at the the three rivers, although, Seen Green won't deny the awesomeness of the converging feature.
Rivers at Devprayag, India

Rhone and Arve Rivers, Switzerland

And The Three Rivers.....back to normal...ahhhhhhh. To find our more about "convergence" 
visit Earth Porn. Click here. or The Alaksa Dispach.  Click here.

The Point, Pittsburgh, PA

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