Thursday, April 14, 2016

What do Inuit Elders know that NASA Doesn't?

Unlike the story of Chicken Little, a fictional character in a children's book who insisted the sky was falling,  Elijah Nowdlak and other First People of the Americas, are dead serious in their belief that the "sky has shifted."  Their tribes have a track record of predicting weather, and other natural occurrences. They have NASA and other scientists concerned because they say it is this shift that is the cause for global warming and not air pollution which has been the most popular claim.

"The sun, the moon and the stars have all changed position," they say. Even the wind, making it harder for them to make their weather predictions. The article Seen Green read did not explain what all this means long term. But one reader, Wesley Williams, who Seen Green attempted to contact on Facebook, explained that this shifting of the earth is called the "Chandler Wobble or Axial Procession." He states that is a natural phenomenon that has been noted since the days of Sir Issac Newton and as is probably the result of ocean bottom fluctuations. "Because of the tilt of the earth, and its rotational spin, there will be constant changes in this wobble." Wesley maintains.

Now, Seen green did some fact checking, and it seems not everyone agrees nor understands HOW the change in earth's axis affects the weather. For the geeks among you, feel free to follow the conversation on Earth Science Beta. Or this NOAA Paleoclimatology report on orbital dynamics. Skeptical Science even took a stab at this question.

Hmmm, Seen Green would like to propose you guys all get together for a summit...and soon!


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