Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eat Green Because the Bible Bar Tells You So

According to Treehugger, in addition to the 4 disputed food groups (we discovered oil and butters are now considered a group), there are 8 major green food trends, a few of which we found particularly interesting. Religious diets include savory snacks like the Bible Bar made from barley, wheat, raisins, pomegranates, figs and olive oil. It also claims to be a mixture straight from Deuteronomy 8:8. (And could it possibly sustain you should you find yourself lost in a deserted location?) As one would expect, these organic bars originate from the House of David.
Another choice trend would be Jainism. These vegetarians of vegetarians even exclude eating potatoes, garlic and onions because their root systems sustain the plants themselves. Milk, however is not off limits, because it regenerates. We've learned that even Vegans move aside when a Jainist shows up at their dinner table. Other people follow the "slow food" movement. Its practitioners are "vegetarian inclined." Meat eaters who shop at Whole Foods probably fall in this category and basically, it's all about staying healthy. A recent study done by Vegetarian America says that 22 million of us have changed our eating habits to reflect a more earth and animal-friendly diet. The Jewish practice of keeping "kosher" and the Islamic practice of "Halal" are the two most popular movements generating between 142 to 632 billion dollars a year, according to Time Magazine. For more green food trends click here.

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