Friday, May 22, 2009

Let me tell you all a story 'bout a man named, Jeb...

Jeb Feldman, that is, a true urban pioneer!
The back story:
Michelle Gregio and Christine Bethea, galpals and salvage artists were making a fast trek towards the Rankin Bridge, when they came up on the back of Jeb's trunk and next thing they were on a convoy, by invitation, to Jeb's place, dust, dirt and rocks flying, a true prequel to adventure!

Gregio, a friend of Feldman's and a regular visitor had great expectations, but Bethea, a newbe, thought she'd landed in Oz. " Jeb had these lush little gardenettes everywhere and tall wind turbine-looking things with glass finials, and this fantastic mini mural of kids playing behind a raised flower bed; Adirondack chairs of recycled brick." And the green spaces proved even a rugged guy like Jeb likes yarrow!
Feldman, along with Braddock's Mayor John Fetterman and other stakeholders are on a mission to "green" out the historic community from the drought of deterioration it has suffered over several long decades. Fortunately, it seems to be working. All over Braddock there are signs of new life, including young budding peach and apple trees, fresh tractor marks in the soil and migrates from Brooklyn, New York. Standing proudly at the forefront of all this is one of the Three River's last remaining USX steel mills --USS on its tower--still filling the air with the sounds of productivity.

"It certainly wasn't my intention to start taking pictures, but It was all so wonderful, I couldn't help it!" explained Bethea, "The one pic I didn't get was of Jebediah, himself (a handsome fellow), who must be shy of the paparazzi, even if its for a blog." Thanks for the tour, Jeb! We just couldn't let your cool brand of greeness go unsung!
For more information on Braddock click here or here.

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