Thursday, May 7, 2009

Watch removing the graffiti.. It could be a Basquiat... or even a Banksky!

Our great city of Pittsburgh, who is constantly at war with her graffiti artists, might need to take another look before removing something that may have considerable value in the not too distant future. We've missed making much more egregious errors than wiping away annoying doodles, like nearly obliterating a painted tile mural in our T-station created by Romare Bearden. Then someone had the brilliance to have it appraised. Its estimated worth? 15 million dollars! Some city officials need to understand: Just because "it ain't art" today, doesn't mean it won't be considered something rather astonishing down the pike. The problem is then, what graffiti is worth saving?

Consider the plight of our confused friends in Glastonbury, England, who covered over the work of a local rebel artist named Banksy, as part of their city's anti-graffiti campaign only to learn Banksy's art is worth thousands and has attracted the eye of collectors like Brad Pitt! Click Here.


  1. lol@the glastonbury council. it's a little scary, though, that the council seem to agree it is art because of the price tag, no? i find it very difficult to differentiate 'good' art from 'bad', and therefore just measure pieces by whether i like them or not. same thing with graffiti, hey?

    [i came here from the linkedin AAA group, so you know:)]

  2. Always go with your gut, especially when you are buying and you'll never be disappointed.
    A price tag does not make a great piece of art.